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Rustic Weddings. Gorgeous Events.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful spot for a barn house style wedding or a place to celebrate a loved one, we have you covered.  The Red Barn is a lovely location for any event or party. Once a working dairy farm, The Red Barn has been restored for the purpose of housing weddings, graduation parties, or any other special occasion,  with that rustic feel you've been dreaming about.

Family Reunion
Grad Party

You've found the special someone, now you need the perfect place for your big day.  The Red Barn can house both the reception and the wedding service.  Have an exact way you've imagined it would look? No problem, the whole area can be designed to your liking. The Red Barn is ready to fit how you've dreamed this day would be. On your big day it will look almost as good as you will. 

Family Reunions

Large family or small, The Red Barn has all the space you will need to house a fantastic family reunion. It has plenty of space on the ground floor and on the loft for even the longest of guest lists. Choose how much space you want to use. Plus with convenient parking, you can invite all of the distant cousins. 

Parties & Celebrations
Do you have a loved one you wish to honor, but don't have enough space to house everyone? Don't worry, we do! Whether it is a graduation party, family reunion, or another celebration, have it at The Red Barn. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor space, so you can invite everyone on your list. 

Additional Information:

We proudly designate our venue  a "dry" alcohol-free space appropriate for all ages. 

Capacity: Floor seating- 300.    Loft seating- 75. 

Grass lot parking capacity: 150 cars.

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